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Philips Xitanium Driver 10W/16W/20W/23W/28W/32W/36W/38W/40W/44W

Xitanium programmable Xtreme LED drivers with global input voltage (UL, ENEC) are designed to deliver high performance, protection, and configurability. The Xtreme technology ensures maximum robustness and protection with a very long lifetime.

For various outdoor applications. The portfolio offers flexibility with a customizable operating window, enabling differentiation
in LED lighting designs via system tuning and being prepared for LED efficacy upgrades.

Product Features:

• Philips Xitanium basic programmable LED drivers offer a basic feature set and high performance, making them a preferred choice.
• Various power wattage drivers that are related to the lumen packages/ applications

Product Parameters:


Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS driver Xitanium 10W/m 0.35A 30V SC 230V 929001412280
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 16W/m 0.35A 46V SC 230V 929001412380
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 23W/m 0.5A 46V SC 230V 929001412480
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 28W/m 0.6A 46V SC 230V 929001418706
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 32W/m 0.7A 46V SC 230V 929001412680
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 20 W/m 0.15-0.5 A 48 V 230V 929000893806
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 36W/m 0.3-1.05A 48V 230V  929000881806
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 15W 0.35A 42V I 230V  929001410180
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 21W 0.5A 42V I 230V 929001410280
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 27W 0.6/0.65A 42V I 230V G2 929001418280
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 32W 0.7/0.75A 42V I 230V G2 929001418380
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 36W 0.8/0.85A 42V I 230V G2 929001418580
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 40W 0.9/0.95A 42V I 230V G2 929001419380
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 44W 1.0 1.05A 42V I 230V G2 929001418680
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 6W 0.15A 40V LPF I 230V 929001411780
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 8W 0.2A 40V I 230V CN 929000956080
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 8W 0.2A 40V LPF I 230V 929001409980
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 10W 0.25A 40V I 230V CN 929000956180
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 10W 0.25A 40V LPF I 230V 929001410006
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 12W 0.3A 40V 230V CN 929000953580
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 12W 0.3A 40V LPF I 230V 929001409506
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 15W 0.35A 42V I 230V 929000898106
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 20W 0.5A 40V I 230V  929000898006
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 25W 0.6A 42V I 230V G2 929001414180
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 30W 0.7A 42V I 230V G2 929001414280
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 34W 0.8A 42V I 230V G2  929001414380
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 38W 0.9A 42V I 230V G2 929001414480
PHILIPS driver CertaDrive 44W 1.05A 42V I 230V G2 929001414580


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