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Philips Tl-D Yellow Tube 0.6/1.2M 18W/36W

This TL-D lamp (tube diameter 26 mm) helps to create special effects and atmospheres or attract attention by using red, green, blue and yellow light. Apart from using the specific colors, it is also possible to mix the colors to create white light. This lamp offers a high light output, thanks to the use of basic powders. Application areas include shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, demonstration areas, sign lighting and entertainment stores.

Product Features:

• Use a unique coating to remove 100% of ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet below 420nm
• The product maintains high brightness and long life, adopts standard length and standard starting circuit, so installation is very convenient
• This product is all produced by Philips Netherlands, CE certified.

Product Parameters:


Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in bank.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS yellow tubeTL-D Colored 18W Yellow 1SL/25 928048001605
PHILIPS yellow tube TL-D Colored 36W Yellow 1SL/25 928048501605


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