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Philips Tcw097 Ip65 Tri-Proof Light Fitting /118/218/136/236/128/228

Functional, dust-proof and jet-proof luminaire for single and twin TLD and TL5 fluorescent lamps for indoor applications and semi-out door applications. The housing and cover of TCW097 are made of high-quality poly-carbonate which has excellent impact-resistant property. The cover has anti-UV additives which bring additional performance levels to UV protection. Available with conventional or high frequency (HF) electronic control gears. Can be ceiling mounted or suspended. Equipped with mounting brackets, mounting is made easy via screws without drilling into the luminaire housing. Gear tray and metal toggles are re-installed; the cable gland and mounting brackets are delivered with the luminaire.

Product Features:

• Including ballast,but without tube.
• IP65 waterproof+dust proof

Product Parameters:

Tube install:Single/Double tube
Cover material:PC
Including ballast:YES

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting TTCW097 1xTL-D18W I 910401983880
PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting  TTCW097 2xTL-D18W I 910403321280
PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting  TCW097 1xTL-D36W I 910401984880
PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting  TCW097 1xTL-D58W I 910403320480
PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting  TCW097 2xTL-D36W I 910403322380
PHILIPS Tri-proof light fitting  TCW097 2xTL-D58W I 910403322880


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