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Philips Plc Led Bulb G24D 7.5W/9W/11W

PHILIPS LED PLC bulb PLC G24D bulb includes 7.5W/9W/11W.
For 13W/18W/26W PLC 2PIN can be directly replaced, three color temperature options 865/840/830, meet the domestic GB requirements, 4KV high voltage pulse, 1KV surge protection, safe and secure, power-saving effect up to 50%.

For 13W/18W/26W PLC 2PIN can be directly replaced.

Product Features:

• The size and light output meet the original traditional light source design, with 50,000 switching times
• Plug and use, compatible with inductive ballast and direct voltage use

Product Parameters:

Color temp:3000K/4000K/6500K

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS LED PLC 7.5W 830 2P G24d 929001878910
PHILIPS LED PLC 7.5W 840 2P G24d 929001879010
PHILIPS LED PLC 7.5W 865 2P G24 929001879110
PHILIPS LED PLC 9W 830 2P G24d 929001879210
PHILIPS LED PLC 9W 840 2P G24d 929001879310
PHILIPS LED PLC 9W 865 2P G24d 929001879410
PHILIPS LED PLC 11W 830 2P G24d 929002440210
PHILIPS LED PLC 11W 840 2P G24d 929002440310
PHILIPS LED PLC 11W 865 2P G24d 929002440410


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