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Philips Optical Instrument 14501/13163/6834Fo/13629/6423/6423Fo/13865/Jcr 12V/15V/13096

Philips’ halogen reflector lamps offer the ideal no-fuss solution for a wide variety of medical, projection and scientific illumination systems.

Dichroic reflectors ensure heat dissipation towards the back of the optical system, which helps the optical system remain within temperature limits. A special blue-filter version blocking out unwanted light above 700 nm is available for dental curing applications. In addition, you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a CRI of 100 – the same as natural sunlight for the best possible color rendering.

Product Features:

• Customized with imported bulbs
• Made in Japan.

Product Parameters:

Color temp:3150K

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in industrial testing equipment. Such as magnifying glass, microscope, projector, optical aperture tester, surface roughness tester, etc.
Warranty:1 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS 14501 150W GX5.3 20V DDL 923921419794
PHILIPS 13163 250W GX5.3 24V 1CT/10X5F 923919720501
PHILIPS 12345SL 12V 20W G4 PH 924068417104
PHILIPS 6834FO 100W GZ6.35 12V 1CT/10X5F 924048417104
PHILIPS 13629 150W GX5.3 21V 1CT/24 924010319894
PHILIPS 6423 150W GZ6.35 15V 1CT/10X5F 923916818504
PHILIPS 13865 75W G5.3/4.8 12V 1CT/10X5F 924060017101
PHILIPS 6423FO 150W GZ6.35 15V 1CT/10X5F 924048218504
PHILIPS JCR 15V 150W H5 24 PACK 924793618594
PHILIPS JCR 12-100 H10.1CT/24 924812017194
PHILIPS 13096 ELH 300W GY5.3 120V 1CT/24 923920936394



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