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Philips Medical Microscope Bulb 7158/7027/7388/7023/6605/6958/12345Sl/7724

Halogen non-reflector lamps offer high-quality light and are easy to install, replace and operate. All halogen non-reflector lamps incorporate a distortion-free quartz bulb and a precise positioning of the mounted filament.

These ensure optimal beam performance and consistent, high light output. A wide range of wattages is available for a broad variety of applications, including projection systems.

In addition you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a full spectrum and a color rendering index (CRI) of 100 – the same as natural light and the best that it can be.

Product Features:

• These low-voltage, flat-filament quartz halogen lamps are designed in a small bulb shape and have high strength, making them particularly suitable for compact and efficient projection systems.
• They can provide stable high light output during the lifetime.
Its superior distortion-free quartz bulb ensures the best beam performance.
• The lamp with pre-focused base makes the filament in the system have a better predetermined position, so that the dimming system is no longer needed when replacing the lamp.
• The lamp with the suffix XHP after the lamp model is an improved type to ensure that these light sources can reach the maximum light output under the conditions of IEC restrictions.
• The dimming of low-voltage halogen lamps should not exceed 10% of their rated voltage, otherwise it will lead to a reduction in life.

Product Parameters:


Application and After-Sales Service:

Industrial testing equipment: such as magnifiers, microscopes, projectors, optical aperture testers, surface roughness testers, etc.;
Industrial production equipment: placement machine, infrared desoldering machine, machine local lighting, machine display screen, etc.
Display equipment: slide projector, movie projection equipment, microfilm reader, etc.;
Fiber optic equipment: endoscope, cold light source, color amplifier, etc.
Medical equipment: use on microscopes, slit lamps, biochemical spectrophotometers, surgical shadowless lamps and other instruments.
Warranty:1 year

12NC List:

PHILIPS 7158 150W G6.35 24V 1CT/10X10F 923870520503
PHILIPS 7027 50W G6.35 12V 1CT/10X10F 923870217103
PHILIPS 7388 20W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F 923874610103
PHILIPS 7023 100W GY6.35 12V 1CT/10X10F 923870017103
PHILIPS 6605 10W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F 923873910103
PHILIPS 6958 250W G6.35 24V 1CT/10X10F 923882020503
PHILIPS 12345SL 12V 20W G4 PH 924068417104
PHILIPS 7724 EVA 100W GY6.35 12V 923872517103



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