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Philips Master Mr11 Non Dimmable Spot Light 3.5W

PHILIPS Master MR11 Non Dimmable Spot Light 3.5W lighting is an ideal retrofit solution for local lighting and general lighting in the hotel service industry.

MR11 provides a warm, halogen/hot beam. Especially suitable for public places, such as receptions, halls, corridors, stairs, toilets, etc. The specially designed MASTER LED spot MR11 has a beam angle of 24°, which can Achieve clear beam scattering. There is no ultraviolet and infrared radiation in this beam, especially suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects (Such as food, organic materials, painting, etc.).

Product Features:

• Ideal accent lighting products, especially suitable for occasions that require dimming
• Can directly replace MR11 halogen lamp cup
• Energy saving over 80%, short payback period
• 40, 000 hours life, reducing maintenance costs

Product Parameters:

Wattage: 3.5W
Voltage: 12V AC
Dimmable: NO
Liftetime: 40000Hours
Color temp: 2700K
CRI: 80
Package: 12PCS/BOX

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in hotel, office, mall, Supermarket, apartment.
Warranty: 2 years

12NC List:

MASTER LEDspotLV 3.5-20W 827 MR11 24D 929001123802


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