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Philips Lighting Provides Customized Lighting Solutions for Bershka Flagship Store in Madrid Spain


China Philips Lighting recently announced that it has successfully adopted Philips OneSpace luminous ceilings to provide customized lighting solutions for the Spanish fast fashion brand Bershka’s flagship store in Madrid, Spain. The integrated design and light structure of the luminous sky panel creates a new stage lighting atmosphere for the store.

bershkaIn order to shape and enhance the brand image of Bershka, the architectural design company Castel Veciana and Philips Lighting have installed a customized Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling in the brand’s flagship store in Madrid. Flexible and customized lighting solutions, matching the unique store theme, fit the brand’s youth, fashion, and music styles, and bring consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience. Philips OneSpace has innovated the layout of the ceiling. The overall shape of the fabric structure breaks through the limitations of traditional design methods, returning the ceiling to simplicity. This innovative product not only blurs the boundary between lighting and display, but also brings the lighting effects that belong to the show to the retail stores through high-quality light effects, creating an immersive sense of stage for consumers.

Castel Veciana’s architect Jordi Castel said, “The Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling can not only illuminate every corner of the store, but also divide different retail areas through the lighting atmosphere, giving consumers a perfect shopping experience. This is Philips luminous ceiling. The most unique charm.”

In order to fully present the stage-filled lighting effects, the flagship store also uses linear lamps and theater-level projectors to assist with the Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling. This combination can not only optimize product display in various regions, attract consumers’ attention, but also promote sales conversion. At the same time, the advanced Philips Dynalite intelligent interconnected lighting control system optimizes the control and maintenance of store lighting, which is easy to promote to other stores around the world. This solution brings unprecedented innovation to Bershka’s flagship store and improves consumers’ shopping comfort.

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