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PHILIPS Lighting Now Available for Ning Bo City Project


Philips Lighting announced that it has successfully applied its high-quality LED lighting system to the 9.2-kilometer Zhongshan Road architectural landscape lighting improvement project in the core area of Ningbo. The project adopted nearly 2,000 sets of Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) Color Reach LED floodlights, becoming the world’s largest LED floodlight project in the business and the largest domestic Philips ActiveSite lighting system project. The development direction of “Lighting Company”.

ningbo2 highresZhongshan Road is 9.2 kilometers long. The landscape along the route is divided into five themes: “Tanghe Family”, “Old Town”, “Prosperous Commercial Port”, “Future City”, and “Livable Green City”. There are “Xitang River” and “Huancheng West Road”. The four landscape parks of “Wangjingmen” and “Sakura Park”. In order to fully show the gorgeous night of “one axis, five segments and four sceneries”, Xu Dongliang of Dongliang Architects is responsible for the conceptual design, and Huazhan Designers Jin Peipei is responsible for the deepening of the design. The architectural landscape lighting is controlled by the Philips ActiveSite system. Nearly 2000 sets of Philips Color Kinetics lamps. The entire lighting improvement project combines the humanities, regions, and appearances along the line, with a clear level, prominent focus, suitable light and dark, and a combination of dynamics and statics.

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