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Philips Essential T5 Led Tube 0.6M/1.2M 8W/16W

PHILIPS Essential T5 LED tube has 8W/16W, single end tube.
Essential LEDtube is an affordable LED tube that is suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps. The product provides a natural lighting effect for use in general lighting applications, as well as instant energy savings – an environmentally friendly solution.

PASS CE, KEMA, TUV, RoHS, and other certifications, working environment temperature -20℃~45℃.suitable for the transformation of T5 fluorescent tube, energy-saving up to 50%.

Product Features:

• The average life span is 30,000 hours, which greatly reduces the frequency of replacement
• Built-in driver, convenient wiring, 100-240V wide voltage, wide range of use
• 2100lm high brightness, brighter than ordinary LED tubes
• Eliminate stroboscopic flicker at startup, color rendering index 80, natural light color
• The light is soft and not dazzling, with IEC62471 photobiological safety certification, no blue light hazard
• Single-ended power supply, in line with the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
• Pass the 4000V high voltage test to prevent electric shock and leakage and protect personal safety
• Passed 1000V surge test, effectively avoiding the influence of power grid fluctuation and lightning strike
• Full glass housings

Product Parameters:

Color temp:3000K/4000K/6500K

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS CorePro 600mm 8W830 929001380608
PHILIPS CorePro 600mm 8W840 929001380708
PHILIPS CorePro 600mm 8W865 929001380808
PHILIPS CorePro 1200mm 16W830 929001380908
PHILIPS CorePro 1200mm 16W840 929001381008
PHILIPS CorePro 1200mm 16W865 929001381108


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