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Philips E27 Led Stick Bulb 5.5W/7.5W/9.5W

PHILIPS Stick bulb is E27 design LED bulb, including 5.5W/7.5W/9W. Designed for wide-angle, dual tube downlights (especially suitable for 4″/5″/6″ downlights), horizontal inserts, and all kinds of small lamps.

Suitable for all kinds of lightly decorated spaces, economical and practical optimization, to meet the daily home lighting needs.

E27 screw lamp holder with metal application range, easy to install and easy to replace.

Product Features:

• Small size, suitable for various lamps
• Ultra-wide-angle light-emitting technology, the light distribution is better and brighter and even

Product Parameters:

Color temp:3000K/4000K/6500K

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS Stick 5.5W E27 3000K 1CT/12 CN 929001900909
PHILIPS Stick 5.5W E27 4000K 1CT/12 CN 929001901009
PHILIPS Stick 5.5W E27 6500K 1CT/12 CN 929001902209
PHILIPS Stick 7.5W E27 3000K 1CT/12 CN 929001901109
PHILIPS Stick 7.5W E27 4000K 1CT/12 CN 929001901209
PHILIPS Stick 7.5W E27 6500K 1CT/12 CN 929001901309
PHILIPS Stick 9.5W E27 3000K 1CT/12 CN 929001901409
PHILIPS Stick 9.5W E27 4000K 1CT/12 CN 929001901509
PHILIPS Stick 9.5W E27 6500K 1CT/12 CN 929001901609


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