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Philips E27 Dimmable Bulb 6W/8.5W/12W/14W

PHILIPS Dim bulb including 4W/4W/6W(Candle E14),6.5W/8.5W/10W/14W(E27 BULB).
Delivering incandescent-like sparkling light effects, MASTER LED candles and lusters are ideal for general and decorative lighting in the hospitality industry as well as in home environments. Mounted in full view in chandeliers, wall scones or modern luminaires, the clear or frosted glass candles and lusters fit all existing fixtures with an E14, B15, B22 or E27 socket, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the chandelier or luminaire both when on and off, with their unique, eye-catching lens design.

Product Features:

• The ideal light source for crystal lamps/flower lamps
• Directly replace traditional candle lights, saving more than 80%
• Philips professional crystal lens
• DimTone dimming technology
• 25,000 hours long life, reducing maintenance costs
• Dimmable, dimming range 10%-100%
• Suitable for indoor open lamps, minimum gap >10mm

Product Parameters:

Wattage:4W/6W(Candle E14),6.5W/8.5W/10W/14W(E27 BULB)
Color temp:2200-2700K

Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

MASTER LED bulb DT 6-40W E27 A60 CL 929001150802
MASTER LED bulb DT 8.5-60W E27 A60 CL 929001150932
MASTER LED bulb DT 5.5-40WE27 927-922 A60FR 929001351302
MASTER LED bulb DT 9-60W E27 927-922 A60 FR 929001351402
MASTER LED bulb DT 12-75WE27 927-922 A67 FR 929001868602
MASTER LED bulb DT 14-100WE27 927-922 A67FR 929002218602
MASTER LEDcandle DT 4-25W E14 B38 CL_AP 929001139808
MASTER LEDcandle DT 4-25W E14 827 BA38 CL 929001139902
MASTER LEDcandle DT 4-25W E27 P48 CL  929001140102
MASTER LEDcandle DT 6-40W E14 B38 CL_AP  929001140408
MASTER LEDcandle DT 8-60W B40 E14 827 CL 929001211702


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