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Philips Certa Drive 15W/26W/36W/44W/50W/59W/64W

PHILIPS LED Certa driver is a professional driver for downlight, panel light, spot light.

Including 15W/26W/36W/44W/50W/59W/64W.


This range provides an affordable selection of point drivers which have 50,000 hours of lifetime. The driver specially addresses the flickering issues by low ripple current, making this ideal for camera operation.Independent version housing design for stand-alone installations.

Resolve the flickering issues in certain applications.

Product Features:

• Drivers designed based on Philips experience and knowledge in converntional fluorescent and HID technologies
• Various power wattage drivers that are related to the lumen packages/ applications

Product Parameters:


Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in supermarket,mall,apartment,hotel.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS driver Xitanium 15W 0.2-0.35A 42V DS I 230V 929002808806
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 26W 0.4-0.6A 42V DS I 230V  929002808906
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 36W 0.7-0.85A 42V DS I 230V 929002809006
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 44W 0.9-1.05A 42V DS I 230V 929002809106
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 50W 1.1/1.2A 42V I 230V  929001423380
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 59W 1.3/1.4A 42V I 230V  929001423480
PHILIPS driver Xitanium 64W 1.5/1.6A 40V I 230V  929001423580


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