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Philips Blb Black Tube Tl-D 0.6/1.2M 18W/36W

The Philips black inspection lamp tube is made of blue-black glass, and the inner tube wall is coated with phosphor, which emits UV-A long-wave ultraviolet radiation to excite the luminescent substance, and the blue-black glass can minimize the visible light transmitted so as not to affect the luminescent substance The luminous effect is mainly used for: industrial flaw detection, textile and chemical industry detection and analysis, bank currency verification, mineralogy, criminology, food production, insect capture, etc.

Product Features:

• The fluorescent powder of this tube can convert arc energy into long-wave ultraviolet radiation in the UV-A band, radiating UVA band from 340nm to 380nm. The tube is made of blue-black glass, which can transmit very little visible light.

Product Parameters:


Application and After-Sales Service:

Use in bank.
Warranty:2 years

12NC List:

PHILIPS black tube TL-D 18W BLB 1SL/25 928048010805
PHILIPS black tube TL-D 36W BLB 1SL/25 928048510805


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